Tip to Buy African Gray Parrot Cage


Let’s talk about useful tips to buy African Gray Parrot Cage. African Grey is very sensitive and curious parrot. It always love to learn and experience new things. Playing in and out is their favourite habit in cage. While taking decision of buying African Grey Parrot cage, your preference might be finding nice looking cage. But, you should consider comfort level of your bird while buying African Gray Parrot cage.

Helpful Tips to Buy African Gray Parrot Cage

There are few important points to be noted before bringing new African Gray Parrot cage to your home. As such huge stuff can’t be bought multiple time. Here are the helpful tips and guidelines to buy African Gray Parrot Cage.


Although, African Grey Parrots are small or medium sized parrots as compared to macaws but they need a big cage because of their moving around habits and playful curious nature.

We can say Larger the better for your AGP. But you have to check the space in your home so take decision accordingly.

Tip to Buy African Gray Parrot Cage
Ideal Cage for African Grey Parrots


Make sure that the quality of the cage is good enough and made up of fine, high quality material. African Gray Parrot Cage shouldn’t have sharp edges as it can harm your parrot accidentally. All the joints and corners of cage should be rounded and smooth.


The cage should be made up of non-rusty metal and it should be painted well. A well painted cage with a thin layer of paint on it is good.

Zinc is poisonous for birds.

So, make sure African Gray Parrot cage shouldn’t be made of zinc.

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Typically, a good rule of thumb is the bars should be spaced about ¾ – 1 inch apart. The gap between the bars shouldn’t be neither too wider nor too narrow. It must be comfortable for looking out of cage but not to getting out of it through bars.

Trays & Gates:

African Gray parrots can spread food particles while eating. There should be easily removable trays and gates. So, you can wash occasionally to provide clean and hygienic environment to your parrot.


Dishes in the cage should made up of good quality plastic or stain less steel. They should be easily washable too. So, can be washed regularly.

Location of Cage in your Home:

You must need to think twice before placing your parrot’s cage in your home. African Gray Parrots are fun loving. African Grays enjoy the company of humans and mimicking in front of others. Placing the cage in most active place in your home would be highly recommended so the parrot can see your household activities for most of the time.

Direct sunlight can be annoying of your parrot. Take care of sun lightening while planning to place the cage.

To give safety feeling to your parrot, choose the place where one or two sides of cage can have the wall.

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