Signs of Illness in African Grey

Signs of illness in African Grey Parrots should be known by all responsible owners. As these parrots are susceptible to certain illnesses and diseases. If you couldn’t notice or couldn’t get them treated timely, you may lose your lovely parrot baby! And that’s worst of all!

Signs of Illness in African Grey

African Grey parrot is an intelligent and smart bird. As the natural instinct, it will hide the illness. These birds show this instinct in natural habitat to keep themselves safe. That’s why it is hard to guess whether the bird is sick or not!

As owners, it is your job to track the health of these parrots. Due to sickness, they face physical and behavioral changes. These signs may be masking something severe.

Common 6 signs of illness in African Grey Parrots

There can be many reasons to become sick such as weather, poor diet for African grey parrots or accidentally offering toxic foods for African grey parrots Or there can be any other reason too. For your convenience, we have listed the signs of illness in African Grey Parrots;

  • Drop-In Activity Level – Upon sickness, these birds show the massive drop in activity level. They start sleeping on odd timings. They won’t feel hungry: may stop eating or drinking.
  • Diarrhea – The normal dropping contains three distinctive parts (greenish, brownish and white urine). If the bird’s dropping lack any of three, it is suffering from diarrhea. And this can be fatal if not treated immediately!
  • Weight Loss – Your parrot may feel lighter to you due to weight loss. The keel bone shows up more prominently.
  • Feathers – A healthy bird always has firm and uniform features. Your bird may be sick if it has prolonged molt, pin, chewed, broken, bent or fluffed up feathers.
  • Sneezing – African Grey is known for imitating sneezing pattern of the owner or other persons in the house. But if the bird sneezes with the discharge, this is a warning sign.
  • Balance – A sick bird cannot stand firmly on the perch.

If you are noticing any of these signs of illness in African Grey parrot, please contact to your avian veterinarian immediately so the sick bird can be treated on time. 

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