Best Hanging Play Toys for African Grey Parrots

Zoo-Max Cube Bird Toy Hanging Play Gym


Toys, exercise, fun and new things everyday are very important for African Grey Parrots. They always look for new things and learn something new everyday. Some owners reported that if they are happy and comfortable with the owners, they can learn one new word everyday. But keeping your African Grey busy, happy and active is everything that you have to do for African Greys. It’s difficult too but you have to somehow achieve your goal otherwise bored African grey pluck their feathers and withing few days you will see the whole feather cover is destroyed just because of boredom. Toys are best way to keep them active and busy. Toys are easily available and there is a variety of new toys you can buy. Today we will share some toys that are good for climbing and these toys keep your African Grey active as well as healthy.

Zoo-Max Cube Bird Toy Hanging Play Gym: 

A cube shaped box, made up of pipes and rope, can be hung any where or closer to your birds cage. Your African Grey will love to explore this medium sized, not very big to handle, exercise box. The manufacturer call it a GYM and no doubt it’s not less than an exercise gym for your bird and keeps your parrot busy in climbing ropes and pipes.

Zoo-Max Cube Bird Toy Hanging Play Gym
Zoo-Max Cube Bird Toy Hanging Play Gym

Some good features of this toy are:

  • Made up of good, safe and non-erosive material
  • Comes with an hanging chain made up of rust free stain less steel chin
  • You can hang it any where in your house easily.
  • Light-weight and durable.

Zoo Max DUST2026 Para-vent/Screen Medium 30 x 42 inch Bird Toy:

Another exercise toys from the same company mentioned in the first toy. It’s not cube/box shaped but it is like a grill made up of plastic pipes, bends and rope. The rope is made up of tough material and parrot can’t cut it easily. It’s also hang-able and the size is moderate.

Play Toys for African Grey Parrots
Play Toys for African Grey Parrots

Java Wood Double Hanging Play Stand: 

As the name says it’s made up of Java Wood, the finest wood for African Grey Parrots. It can easily be hanged in your house. Java wood is totally natural and not harmful it parrot bites or cut the wood. Wood biting is infact good for beak and parrot. It keeps the parrot happy.

Java Wood hanging Toy for African Grey Parrot


Some features of this toys are:

  • A design of nature and of skilled craftsmanship
  • Hours of playtime and fun for your bird.
  • Hangs from cage or any other place you”d like.
  • Hanging Double Tower
  • Exterior Dimension – 17. 3 x 42. 5 in.

You can buy these and many other such toys by clicking the “Buy Now” Button. So check out some other toys and buy for your lovely sweetheart, African Grey.

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