Health Signs in African Grey

As pet owner, it is your job to observe and keep a check on health signs in African Grey Parrot!

African Grey Parrots have nothing like ordinary birds. You have to observe their activities on daily basis to ensure everything is just normal as usual!

African Grey parrots are notorious for hiding the illness from other birds. They do it for valid reasons. A predator always looks for sick or weak African Grey. Secondly, the flock will make the distance if they come to know about a sick bird there. These birds show this behavior both in natural and domestic habitat. That’s why it is up to you to be a keen observant otherwise the whole group may get ill severely.

Health Signs in African GreyHealthy African Grey parrots

Having an African Grey is a delightful experience. African grey activity level is supreme. Their playful antics and talking can make you die of laughing.

A healthy bird can be a companion for a life long time. But, it may lose the life instantly after getting ill or having some serious disease. You can prevent serious medical issue by noticing signs of illness in African Grey Parrots for timely treatment. 

These birds are famous for being intriguing and active creatures. When they get sick, drop in activity level is the first sign of illness. You will find a healthy bird playing or talking all day. Showing affection is their favourite things to do. Also, African Grey Parrots diet & feedings habits can be changed due to illness. 

7 common Health signs in African Grey Parrot

You can track the health by checking the appearance traits. A healthy bird possesses following characteristics:

  • Crystal clear eyes
  • Clean nares
  • Stands firmly on perch
  • Feathers in order
  • Smooth respiration
  • Smooth and soft feet
  • Moist dropping with dark green or brownish feces

If your African grey parrot is lacking any of the above enlisted health signs, you should book an appointment with your regular vet as soon as possible. As, it might need medical attention immediately.