A List of Best Foraging Toys For African Grey Parrots

Best Foraging Toys For African Grey Parrots

Foraging (search widely for food) is actually the natural behaviour of African Grey Parrots, they look for food all day in vast forests of Africa. It keeps their minds active. As it’s the major part of parrot’s life in forests, so it keeps them healthy to fly and search for food. And in captivity they miss this big part of their life so it’s good to put some forage toys in African grey parrot cage. A research also showed that African Grey Parrots prefer to forage over already present food in their feed bowl. So it’s always recommended to buy some cool forage toys for your African Grey Parrot.

Here is a list of some foraging toys for African grey parrots which your parrot will love to play with.

1- Super Bird Creations 14 by 11-Inch Peacock Sr. Bird Toy:

Best Foraging Toys For African Grey ParrotsIt is one of the best forage toys for African grey parrots. The size is ideal for greys. The material is totally harmless to african greys and they can easily chew and destroy it. Yes, African grey love destruction and discoveries. :). They are the most intelligent birds. The toy come with a chain and you just need to hang it inside the cage and that’s it. Hang it and see your grey climbing after few hours of inquisitive look.

2- Creative Foraging Systems Foraging Wheel:

oraging Systems Foraging Wheel for African Grey As it’s obvious from the name, the toy is actually a wheel with some slits outside and food inside the wheel. It’s material is transparent and your parrot can see the food inside. After some thinking and head scratching, African grey finds out the way to get food from the slits.  This wheel forage toys can be easily fixed inside the cage and its safe for the bird. It’s one of the durable forage toys.

3- Creative Foraging Systems 4-Big Boxes:Best Forage Toys for African Grey Parrot

It’s a drawer like system and comes with four boxes. You can fill the boxes with nuts and other delicious treats. It will keep your parrot busy and eliminate boredom and feather plucking behaviour. It’s unique and creative design make it popular among parrot owners.

4- Super Bird Creations 12 by 7-Inch 4 Way Forager Bird Toy:

Forage toys for African Grey Parrots

5- Creative Foraging Systems Large Starter Kit:

Forage Toy for African Grey Parrot


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