Petting an African grey parrot is one of the wonderful decisions of your life. These parrots considered lifelong companions due to their longer life periods. The average age-span in African greys is 70-80 years which is about equal to human lifespan. It requires a serious long-term commitment to have this playful, loving and very intelligent bird.

While talking about intelligence of African Grey Parrots, we would love to share that these lovely birds are famous as “Einstein’s” of the parrots’ world. They are blessed with the incredible amazing talking ability. They are well-known for bringing laughter and joys into their owner’s life.

Origin of African Grey Parrot

There are three families of true parrots; Psittacidae, Psittacidae and Psittrichasiidae, descending from Psittacoidea ancient family of the parrots. African Grey parrots belongs to Psittacidae (family of parrots) while macaw is known as cousin of African Grey Parrots.

African Grey Parrot

African Grey parrot is medium sized grey coloured with red or maroon tail. The avg. weight is approx. 400 gms. These type of parrots are about 33 cm long with 46-52 wingspan.

DID YOU KNOW? African Grey parrot can judge our moods too.

This most intelligent bird is also valued for its highly incredible and sensitive empathy with human beings. You would surprise to know that it can feel and understand human buddy’s deepest emotions, moods, and energy level to respond accordingly.

This playful bird is expert of mimicking human speech, interesting?

In japan, a ran away African Grey reached back home by repeating owner’s name & address.

Types of African Grey Parrots

There are two main types of African Grey Parrots.

  1. The Congo African Grey (CAG)
  2. The Timneh African Grey (TAG)

There is a group say that there are actually 3 main types of African greys instead of two. But, the third one they consider is Ghana or West African Parrot which is similar to the Congo African Grey. So, majority count it as two main types not three.

These basic two types are further divided into two or more unique and new types too.

Such as;

  • The grey Gabon maybe albino (white with red tail)
  • Lutino (yellow pigmentation)
  • Incomplete blue (white tail),
  • “Grizzles” (slightly pinkish found in feathers)
  • and Parino (light gray).

There are also individual African greys with pink or red feathers. Those are not a mutation, but can say aberration of plumage.

African Grey loves to accompanied with human being and hates loneliness. The company of such intelligent mimicker bird buddy is full-time fun and joy for humans too.

Habitation of African Grey Parrot

African Grey Parrot Habitat

The African Grey Parrot is endemic to the Congo, Africa &  lives in the rainforest under the “arch” between 15 and 25 meters above the ground. Excellent climber and almost exclusively arboreal. It descends only to drink at the lakes and rivers around which usually installs its colony.

In the wild, their diet is rich in vegetable fat protein and vitamin A. It is fond of palm nuts (rich in fat and vitamin A), seeds of the coffee and palm fruit (elaeis guinensis). Its digestive system is perfectly suited to this kind of diet.

Due to the density of the rainforest, these birds can fly high above the trees such as up to an altitude of 700 meters.

In the domestic life, these African Grey parrots are fine to eat most of the fruits, veggies & seeds. However, being responsible owner, you should take responsibility of providing only balanced diet to your African Grey.

Fun part of petting African Grey parrot at home

This little mimicker can not only repeat your words but can memorise for future use. Such as;

  • It can learn how to greet human fellow when you come home.
  • Can wish you by singing Birthday song for you (You need to teach first)
  • Can understand your mood swings to talk accordingly.

And much more. In short, you can gift a baby African grey to your toddler for having lifelong companion. So, both can grow up together.


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